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27 Days To Go

Until my clinical placement, nay, the clinical years of my Medicine degree starts, and the bricks are ready to start being shat. Psychiatry and Ethics is my first block, so I’d like to think it will ease me in a bit and I won’t be reduced to tears by the shear difficulty of it. (I’m sure I will be quickly retracting that statement in September). 

I say this, but I was actually quite proud of how I did last year. No resits and exam marks not to be sniffed at (as well as an improvement on first year). While participating in Cheerleading, Medics Netball, JazzFunkSoul soc, and choreographing a dance in Clicendales.


A friend of mine has recently had his second Guardian publication, following on from his BMJ blog article, being elected to the British Medical Association’s Medical Student Committee, oh, and appearing on the BMA’s website front page. Pretty impressive, huh?

This has inspired me. No longer shall I be ‘just trying to get through’ or ‘making sure I pass’ while going out perhaps a few more nights than necessary. I shall start prereading, doing extra work, actually turning up to SCRUBS events and doing all the other lil things that’ll make me a better Medical Student. Yes. 

I’ll start tomorrow. 

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